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V-Seal - The Ultimate Draught-Stop

Stops heat loss and reduces noise transmission through gaps in doors and windows. It is a flexible, adhesive-backed vinyl strip that folds into a V shape to fill gaps from 2mm to 8mm. Inexpensive, easy to install, and will last a long time.

A main contributor to heat loss is unequal air pressure between inside and out side,  high pressure will move to low pressure, we call this effect air exchange rate or draughts. The culprits to seek out are doors, windows, plumbing pipes that go through the floor, electrical cables that go through the bottom and top plates of walls.  Also perimeter wall-to-wall vertical joint at changes of wall orientation and boundaries of ceilings and floors that meet at the right angle to your walls.

Available in White and Brown and suitable for exterior and interior use.

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Roll Price
5 metres $16
10 metres $32
20 metres $50
167 metres $384.10


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