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Underfloor Insulation Products

Air-Cell Insulshed- our premium under floor product

Three Problems of Uninsulated Floors

  • Uninsulated timber floors feel cold and are one reason for high energy costs due to insufficient thermal resistance of the floorboards (Floor system R-value R 0.3 - R 0.5)
  • Drafts through leaky floorboards bring in cold, damp air, pushing warm, heated air up to the ceiling
  • Moisture rising from the ground diffuses easily through floorboards and most floor coverings, causing condensation problems inside the house. Carpets and matts can become very moist creating the perfect habitat for dust mites to breed

Two Products in One - Air-Cell Insulshed Under-Floor Insulation

When you are going to the trouble of installing underfloor insulation, it pays to install a product that will be working for you for many years into the future. That's why Negawatt has chosen Air-cell as its preferred underfloor insulation product.

Air-Cell consists of a 5 mm thick closed cell foam in between two reflective foils that is installed through stapling to floor joists with overlaps being taped. It comes in 1350mm x 33.33 metre rolls, is very light to handle and will span 2.4 metres unsupported. The tape is a pressure sensitive moisture barrier foil tape, 48mm wide x 50 metres long.

Air-Cell Insulshed is an insulation for suspended framed floor applications delivering a 2-in-1 insulation and moisture management solution.

Insulshed is manufactured with a patented closed-cell foam structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil surfaces.

  • Draught stop (all joints will be overlapped and airtight taped)
  • Ground moisture proofing (Vapour barrier)

Double the Performance of Common Under-floor Insulating Materials with Air-Cell Insulshed

Insulshed is the most effective and easiest to install under-floor insulating material for suspended timber floors. Installed correctly it will provide double the performance of single perforated builders foils.

The R-value of the floor system insulated with Air-Cell varies between R 2.0 and R 2.3 with a minimum 100 mm air gap, because it depends not only on the thermal properties of the insulation material, but also on factors such as the flooring type, thermal bridges and still air spaces.

Maximum thermal performance depends on creating a still air zone between the flooring and the insulation blanket, which is stapled underneath the floor joists. Thus, all joints and penetrations must be airtight sealed by using Air-Cell pressure-sensitive foil tape. To ensure maximum reflectivity the upper surface of the insulation blanket must be kept clean when installing.

Another advantage of Air-Cell versus other alternatives is that if, after installation, you need to access floor space underneath your home you can simply pull the Air-Cell down and then reattach it. You will not damage the product and you will again achieve 100% performance.

Air-Cell Insulshed Specification

  • 95% foil reflectivity
  • Strong, tough durable anti-tear surface
  • Spans 2.4 meters unsupported
  • Water resistant and not affected by humidity
  • Rodents, insects, bacteria and fungi resistant
  • Fibre-free, non-allergenic, non-irritant and non-carcinogenic
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4859.1 : 2002
Item   Size Area  Price 
Air Cell Insulshed  1350mm x 33.33m  45sqm  $675.18
Joining Tape  48mm x 25m    $31.00

Air-Cell Insulshed is available delivered directly to your home contact us for pricing

Add about 8% to the actual floor area for overlapping and down-folding. Allow 1 Foil Tape Roll for 2 Air-Cell Insulation Rolls.

Preparation for Air-Cell DIY - Installation

Air-Cell Insulshed under-floor insulation is safe and easy to install.

Check the under-floor access: Because the insulation is installed from underneath, a minimum height of about 40 cm between the ground and the floor joists is required. Check for the presence of services (e.g. pipes and electrical wires) or other obstructions, which could hinder the work. If you find access difficult, do not hesitate to ask Negawatt for advice.

Calculate the area of your home: Note that when measuring your house you need to allow an extra 8% for overlapping and off-cuts.

Download Air-Cell Installation Instruction


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