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Underfloor Insulation Products

NOVAfloor - our premium alternative under floor product


NOVAfloor is the first underfloor insulation product to receive Environmental Choice certification.

NOVAfloor is a high density polyester and has a thermal rating of R1.4. More importantly when it is installed in an underfloor environment it maintains its effectiveness under adverse conditions.

Whats more, NOVAfloor's heavy duty formulation cuts out draughts coming up through the floorboards, and has excellent acoustic characteristics, especially in homes with exposed floor boards.

NOVAfloor is 100% safe. It wont irritate or make you itchy and gives off no fumes or odours. NOVAfloor is friction fitted snug up against the floor without the need for strapping or any fixing tools.

InsulPro's state of the art manufacturing technology allows the amount of recycled fibre used in NOVAfloor to be maximized. The manufacturing process uses a high content of recycled plastic bottles.


NOVAfloor is available delivered directly to your home contact us for pricing


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