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Established in 1992 Negawatt Resources is NZ’s first dedicated commercial energy efficiency company, the philosophy of which is that efficiency measures can be self-funding (rather than needing subsidy) and to deliver the most appropriate and practicable efficiency measures and services. Over the years we have been supported by many scientists and experts in NZ and overseas. Harry Trethowan, BRANZ foil and moisture scientist for 30 years, warrants special mention.

We have learnt that:

  • You do need to understand the science behind processes
  • That not all products are equal, or fit for purpose despite the marketing hype
  • And that correct installation is the key to optimal value

We are therefore committed to understanding the cause of an issue, applying the best and most fit for purpose products and installation processes. Our recent focus has been on “Balancing the Basics” in NZ housing resulting in the ability to deliver healthy, cost effective living /working environments through effective thermal, heating and in-door air quality systems.

Negawatt Resources has pioneered many firsts in the efficiency sector including:

  • First Shared Savings implementation on a commercial building retrofit ( Price Waterhouse).
  • First Corporate Energy Management Programme for staff and facilities (Mobil Oil)
  • First new Commercial Building Optimisation (Mobil on the Quay)
  • Energy Action, a whole school / community resource for primary schools delivered into 1400 schools and recipient of international and NZ awards for multi audience communication.
  • Delivered and supported the establishment of Community Energy Efficiency Retrofit programmes from the Far North to Bluff including NIWA’s remote area programme into Maori communities, NEETS
  • First national home energy audit and servicedelivery with 0800 call line (TransAlta)
  • First Certificated Insulation Performance installations
  • First Installed Thermal Performance Certification of insulation products

Currently testing and developing systems for:

  • Improved heating outputs and lower surface temperatures for convection radiators – currently showing 45% improvement
  • Thermal storage performance of various density insulation products
  • Passive heating / cooling through Air to Air heat exchangers
  • Pump flow efficiencies and simplified water purification systems
  • Anaerobic Bio-digester systems for farming, agriculture and community applications in conjunction with Natural Systems Ltd (NZ) and Biogas Ost (Germany).


Current member:     BANZ (Biogas Association of NZ)

Founding member:   NZ Energy Management Association,  Solar Industries Association, Insulation Association


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