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Grant Dunford Director/Shareholder

Coming from a background in building (Pole House Research & Construction), Finance & Merchant Banking, a stint in the film facilities industry (Utu, Goodbye Pork Pie, Smash Palace, Vigil), Commercial Property and then as Managing Partner in a  refrigeration & air-conditioning company, he was introduced to the work of R Buckminster Fuller, a result of which was to become chairperson of Global Energy Network, NZ, sending Peter Dunne to represent NZ at the first World Energy Conference in Canada (David Lange wouldn’t go!). This interest in energy lead to establishing Negawatt Resources in 1992, NZ’s first dedicated energy efficiency company, the philosophy of which was to prove efficiency measures could be self- funding (rather than needing subsidy) and to deliver the most appropriate and practicable efficiency services.

Negawatt has instigated many firsts in efficiency services, delivery and education such as shared saving retrofits, corporate energy management, community energy service programmes,  a whole of school multi curricula efficiency resource, Energy Action, which won the IAB International Award for Multilevel Marketing and a Product Performance Certification for installations.Grant is currently active in the promotion of Bio-digester systems for farming, agriculture and community applications in conjunction with Natural Systems Ltd (NZ) and Bio gas Ost (Germany). Associations:  Current member: BANZ (Bio gas Association of NZ) Founding member:  NZ Energy Management Association: Solar Industries Association: Insulation Association of NZ                                                                                                                                                                                       Email Grant. Mobile: 021 566 676  Wk 04 939 0313

Barry Rogers
Barry is responsible for product development and technical system inquiry/support. Barry has huge practical experience in energy efficiency installation in new and older homes.
Email Barry. Mobile: 021 306 000  Wk 04 939 0313



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