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Energy Consulting Services for Building Designers and Individuals

Negawatt's expertise provides building designers and individuals with the professional, technical, and educational services to successfully complete sustainable, healthy and energy-efficient domestic and commercial buildings considering all aspects of building physics and building code compliance.

Energy Efficiency

  • Advice on energy efficient building design and building products
  • Heat loss calculation and interpretation for building code compliance and better building design
  • R-value calculations and advice on ways to meet R-values
  • Passive House Design
  • Construction details for preventing thermal bridging


  • Advice on sustainable building design and building products

Moisture Protection and Building Airtightness

  • Construction details for preventing condensation and achieving building airtightness
  • Use and application of vapour retarders and air barriers
  • Airtightness concepts for buildings

Ventilation Efficiency

  • Advice on how to maintain a fresh and healthy indoor air environment while reducing ventilation heat loss
  • Design and optimization of mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation systems
  • Determination of natural ventilation rates

Solar Water Heating

  • Design and advice on efficient Solar Water Heating systems

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