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Comfort Plus Premium Window Insulator Kits

Comfort Plus Premium Window Insulator Kits stop drafts, reduce condensation and prevent frost build-up. They apply easily, shrinking tight, and wrinkle-free. And at a tiny cost you can eliminate the major source of heat loss through windows. The thermal performance is a 140% improvement over a single pane of glass and is higher than aluminium double glazed windows as tested by BRANZ and published in Build Magazine February/March 2. Read ReportThey are an easy DIY job, taking just a few minutes to install. 
Comfort Plus Premium Window kits are made from a 80 micron heavy duty clear plastic film which can withstand harsher treatments 
compared to other films of only 19 microns. The pack includes double sided adhesive tape to which the plastic is fixed, a measuring tape and a special hand held film cutter.  Once a good seal is established around the window frame a hair dryer is used to blow hot air onto the plastic. The plastic shrinks, producing a film which is as tight as a drum. It is almost invisible from 2 meters and totally invisible from 3 meters. Installation Video 1  Installation Video 2 (for the girls) 

The 3 Window Pack can be installed indoors or outdoors as it contains the special outdoor UV resistant tape. All film packs can also be installed to the outside of any window or door with the addition of the UV outdoor tape and can be installed in conjunction with installing the film inside to create triple gazing further enhancing thermal performance.   

Note: The Comfort Plus Film manufactures cannot guarantee long term adhesion if applied to aluminum window joinery due to the colder temperatures of the aluminum compared to timber.   

Comfort Plus Premium Window kits come in four pack sizes

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Pack Price Dimensions (mm) Area (m2)
2 Window Pack $34.00 1630 x 1070 x 2 off     3.48
3 Window Pack (outdoor) $48.00 1630 x 3200 x 1 off     5.21
4 Window Pack $48.00 1630 x 4270 x 1 off    6.96
Patio Door Pack $36.00 2130 x 2800 x 1 off    5.96
Extra Tape (indoor/outdoor)  $16.50   16.50 Meters  


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