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Infiltration (draughts)

The higher the volume of air moving through your home the greater the heat loss, we call it the infiltration rate, the rate measured is the entire volume of air in your home and how many times it is replaced every hour with a new lot from outside. Pre 1960’s houses with timber floors and timber windows can be as much as 20 air changes per hour, (Mark Bassett conference paper No. 90 2001) that’s the entire volume of air in your home being changed for fresh air from outside 20 times every hour, Can you imagine it, even with the doors and windows closed you haven’t got a chance of heating your home effectively. Draught proofing these areas can have a financial payback as low as one month, which is considerably less than other more expensive energy saving measures. Immediately your internal comfort level will be higher and your existing heating appliances may be more effective.


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