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Recessed light's and there affect on insulation and your health

As we have adopted more of this type of lighting we have not understood the very serious impact that occurs to your heating cost and detrimental affect to your health. When a vented type (open to the air below and above the ceiling) recessed light is turned on, especially the halogen type which burn very hot it becomes the equivalent of a tiny convection heater. Warmer air will rise above the light fitting causing a negative air pressure below the fitting and creating an upward air movement from the room to the ceiling. Consumer Institute’s recent testing has indicated that with four recessed light fittings in an average lounge requires 199% more energy to heat.

Energy Loss: Now what actually happens is the air lost from the room will be replaced with air that enters the room from light fittings that are not on. As warmer air is pushed above the fitting into the roof space the air in your room that you have just heated will follow it. So you are now requiring an enormous amount of extra energy to heat the air that should have stayed in your room but have lost to your roof space.

Health Concerns: Hears where the bad health think occurs, you are now ventilating your home with a constant supply or air from your roof space as the lights are switched on and off. But even with the lights switched off your home is still ventilated with air from your roof space. When wind pressure is higher out side than inside then ventilation rates are even higher.

The air in your home is going round in circles between your living space and your roof space which cannot be classified at any time as fresh air. If you have ever seen a spiders web in your ceiling then its guaranteed you have spiders and spider feaces are a breeding ground for a whole host of creatures that you would not want the air you breath to be passing over.

Under building regulations only out door air is allowed to be used for ventilation.



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