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NOVAtherm Insulation for Ceilings

Standard Product Range and Pricing

Ceiling Insulation

The product is supplied in rolls, (long blankets) of 435mm and 870mm to suit your ceiling construction and vacuum-packaged to reduce volume (and therefore shipping costs). Due to vacuum packing, the loft (thickness) on unpacking is less than the fully recovered loft. Full loft recovery will take place over 14 -60 days. As the fibres relax out of compression the product lofts up (this is particularly marked once the product is installed, as warmth helps the process).

Mammoth is available delivered direct to your door contact us for pricingNegawatt prides itself on ensuring that you make the right choice and get the best value for money. We do not sell a one-product solution - instead we recommend the best products across all areas, and we help you make the best choice. Before jumping in and spending a lot of money, make sure you have the right diagnosis for your home. It's easy to spend a lot of money and be disappointed in the results.

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Extremely Alarming Insulation News

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Wall Insulation And Its Importance

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