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Mammoth Insulation for Walls, Floors

Wall and Floor insulation now comes in a new breed of insulation material that is called MULTI MD.


Medium Density is a friction fit insulation material manufactured from recycled polyester fibres and made with state of the art air layering technology ensuring code compliance every time. 

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High Density

 R2.6 @ 90mm is achieved by using two pieces of the R1.3 @ 45mm, (7.708sqm becomes 3.854sqm) and (8.060sqm becomes 4.003sqm). This method is very convenient as your wiring and piping is conveniently placed between the two sheets without having to cut through the insulation. This form of insulation achieves a millimeter perfect installation and all council inspectors we have worked with are very impressed and supportive of its adoption over traditional low density insulation products.  

Medium and High density wall products available on request.

High Density Information.

High Density Photos.

Note: The 45mm version uses two pieces @ R1.25 each, ideal for behind and in front of wiring, plumbing and bracing in walls. 


Mammoth is available delivered direct to your home contact us for pricing

Mammoth Polyester is safe and easy to install. Download our DIY Installation Instructions here

Negawatt prides itself on ensuring that you make the right choice and get the best value for money. We do not sell a one-product solution - instead we stock the best products across all areas, and we help you make the best choice. Before jumping in and spending a lot of money, make sure you have the right diagnosis for your home. It's easy to spend a lot of money and be disappointed in the results.

Download Mammoth Information Sheet

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