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LHZ Opal Convection Heaters

The Opal range of heaters are traditional convection style with modern European technology making them extremely effective.

Designed to provide a constant and balanced heating style at your desired room temperature.

Available in four models.

Model Width  Height Depth  Watts   Price
OP0.5  345  445  85  500  $206.00
OP10  415  445  85  1000  $249.00
OP15  565  445  85  1500  $300.50
OP20  695  445  85  2000  $341.00

C0.5 is suitable for rooms up to 8 sqm  Ideal as an infant room heater.

C15 is suitable for rooms up to 12 sqm

C15 is suitable for rooms up to 15 sqm

C20 is suitable for rooms up to 20 sqm

Levels of insulation and glazing can affect these ratings, call for a home heating assessment to work out what you exactly need.

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