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LHZ Visage Convection Heater


The Visage heater is a blend of the Diamond Tablet Storage technology and a conventional convection heater.

Designed to provide additional heating after the thermostat has turned of at your desired room temperature. The passive storage tablet absorbs heat and releases it slowly into your room as though the heater is still on, therefore using less energy for the same amount of heating time.

Digital temperature controll with automatic set back temperature function at the push of a button when absent.

TDI: Digital temperature controll with set back temperature and 24/7 timer programming.

Extremely stylish for that classy quality look.

Model Width  Height Depth  Watts   Price
 VS12  750  450  68  1200  $POA
 VS20  1050  450  68  2000  $ N/A
 VS12 TDI  750  450  68  1000  $POA
 VS20 TDI  1050  450  68  2000  $POA
 VS10 Tall  450  750  68  1000  $POA
 VS12 Tall  450  1050  68  1200  $POA

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